Energy as currency — an unformulated consumer demand

The electricity-powered devices are often faster, fairer, and maintenance-free. They are accustoming us to comfort and multi-functionality. They are also an investment — a PV installation on the roof, an electric car, and smart-home gadgets. And a local generation of energy from a renewable source for self-consumption. The excess production goes to the grid — a quasi-storage and one of the big pain points of today’s green energy management.

Whatever is collected throughout the year it will not go to waste: a distant time horizon, the risk of price fluctuations on the POLPX, valuations of generation profiles, and a problem for trading companies that have to balance it all. In the meantime, it could be marked up and converted into an equivalent denominated in another currency, guaranteed and validated by blockchain — the most secure solution available.

And the surplus no longer goes into the grid but turns into a token instead — a tradable, universal, secure medium of exchange. All this opens up new horizons, new services, new functionalities, and opportunities. A new range of products and services is created, with essentially no limitations. The problem, which has already become a common quandary, of not being able to use the energy one produces for other than previously known purposes — disappears. Of course, the implemented net-billing system makes it possible to exchange overproduction from a micro source into a virtual cash equivalent and then use it to settle energy consumption. Volume billed at the DAM average, full distribution costs. This sounds market-driven. But it’s actually a fundamental limitation, giving the illusory impression of a market mechanism.

The C4E blockchain

Our sovereign blockchain solution aims to bring the tokens into the equation. Their functionality will not only change the way we treat and distribute energy but will give additional opportunities for the green energy market participants such as CRM system with billing and invoicing as well as data & analytics solutions.

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