Key Upgrades Approved for C4E Network: What You Need to Know

We are thrilled to announce the successful approval of a pivotal proposal for the C4E Network. The proposal received an extraordinary 99.6% voter turnout, with close to 100% approval. Big shoutout to all the participators!

Core Changes Explained

Among the critical advancements, this upgrade introduces several new features and improvements to the blockchain, laying the groundwork for the platform’s future:

What Does the Proposal Entail?

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the enhancements:

Introduction of Fairdrop and Moondrop vesting pools, as well as associated vesting types.

Migration of Airdrop and Moondrop module accounts.

Revamping the Early-bird and Public round vesting types.

Launch of various new campaigns including Moondrop, Stake Drop, Santa Drop, Green Drop, Incentivized Testnet I, and AMA Drop.

Upgrading to ibc-go v5.2.1, known as the Huckleberry patch.

New ‘cfeclaim’ module for more nuanced campaign and mission management.

Introduction of a more flexible migrations handling logic.

Inclusion of MsgBurn in the cfeminter module.

Periodic continuous vesting accounts added to the cfevesting module.

Events streamlined for consistent naming.

Transition from deprecated Cosmos SDK error package to a new error wrapping package.

Removal of redundant c4e errors.

Enhanced validation functions for messages.

Docker files for chain building updated.

Implementation of new end-to-end (E2E) tests for the cfeclaim module.

Code optimization carried out using Sonar.

A reservations mechanism established for vesting pools.

Implementation of C4E micro unit for Command-Line Interface (CLI) token amount parsing.

Testing Protocols

An expansive testing framework will be deployed, covering:

Simulation tests

Performance and stability assessments

Manual and automatic E2E tests

Unit evaluations

Upgrade Schedule

The upgrade is slated to occur at block 1642091 and is scheduled for August 29, 2023, at 10:00 UTC. Given that block times can vary, it’s crucial to stay alert. The upgrade is expected to take around 15 minutes, during which the network will be inactive.

Web Wallet New Features

In version 1.11.12–0.46.13, the following will be introduced:

Support for Cosmos-sdk version v0.46.13

Bug fixes and optimizations

‘cfeclaim’ module integration

Support for Leap Wallet

In Conclusion

Our commitment to the long-term success and sustainability of the C4E Network is steadfast. This approved proposal marks a major milestone, enriching community engagement and setting the stage for institutional adoption.

About C4E Network

The C4E Network employs blockchain technology to offer a secure, transparent, and decentralized platform designed to revolutionize the energy sector. The network aims to democratize energy markets, allowing individuals to participate directly and thereby accelerate the transition to Net Zero. Through our blockchain-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, participants can realize up to an 83% reduction in energy costs.

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