Welcome new C4E validator danku_zone w/ DAIC

We are proud of onboarding danku_zone w/ DAIC to our network as another experienced validator. Happy to introduce that the new validator of the Chain4Energy network will make the C4E chain more secure and ready to disrupt the energy market.

The new regulations of the energy market are striving to become more decentralized and one of the core ways to achieve new levels of decentralization are through energy communities. Danku_zone w/ DAIC appreciates the Chain4Energy approach to this topic and helps the C4E through validation and increasing our network security.

danku_zone w/ DAIC

The joint venture between danku_r, and DAIC supports various blockchains like Terra, Cosmos, Osmosis and Evmos. The team provides blockchain services across several chains within the Cosmos ecosystem and outside of it. As a team, the project brings many years of infrastructure, development, process automation and monitoring to the exciting world of blockchains.

Find out more at: https://daic.capital/danku_zone

Good to have you on board!

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