We, the prosumers… Chain4Energy approach



Constantly progressive legislative changes, sometimes dynamically supporting and other times restricting the development of unitary citizen energy. Billing systems, in nuances known only to trading companies and the mostly passive — not by design but by possibility — prosumer. Another area for development that C4E sees. A tool, an intuitive application that gives a preview of the relevant parameters that, according to the law, affect the abundance of a prosumer’s virtual billing account — not much these days, in fact.

What if the dashboards resulting from the analysis were made available to users, show the mechanism, explain the causes and make them aware of the dependencies — giving the opportunity not only for universal preview but also for control, and all this from one place? The vision of a reality in which I can pay with my energy, as it is produced in my PV source, to charge my electric car at a station 400 kilometers away or use my energy in another location, for example, a recreational site; with the advent of the blockchain era, this no longer seems detached from the real world at all. Once certain mechanisms are understood, it shouldn’t surprise anyone in principle.

A prosumer’s virtual wallet is expressed in tokens, corresponding to real value. Freed from the obligation to spend to collect energy from the operator in place of a two-way meter. An energy account is like a regular savings accounts at a bank. Only safer, because not prone to the risk of speculative exchange rate fluctuations. A huge network of payment points and partners for whom prosumer green energy is a natural phenomenon of energy transformation. Pro-environmental, responsible trading companies, with a technological and pioneering nature. This is enough to build a new reality, a fairly rewarding action. And the imminent P2P? The possibility of evolving into new services and products? This potential is no longer stoppable. At Chain4Energy we are working on a new energy integration toolkit that will fulfill these premises.

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