What is the starting point for our project?
Find out below, how we are going to change the blockhain’s market game in the next 365 day!
We have been able to become a Technology partner in the BWR project. Two years of experience in blockchain-based billing and invoicing solutions for the TELCO market.

Events – Gitex Dubai & Cosmovers Lisbon

Genesis Validators & customers onboarding

Business models for the Green Energy market


Ecosystem development

C4E Testnet launch

Private Whitepaper


Energy Marketplace MVP

Events: Gateway to COSMOS in Prague

New Social Media Channels Established

Offer for Validators


Energy Marketplace Launch!

Public Whitepaper

C4E Mainnet launch

Events: Borderless Berlin, Cosmoverse Medellin


Energy tokenization MVP

Validator network bootstrapping

C4E Green Airdrop


IBC Integration

Start of staking Rewards (at least 45 active Validators)

Green energy production rewards


WEB 3.0 Energy Wallet

Mobile app

Energy Community Management


OTC / P2P Energy trading

Electromobility (V2G)

Updated roadmap released

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