Token Ventures partners with Chain4Energy and becomes a C4E network validator!

It’s good to partner with the true crypto market veterans from Token Ventures. This team has invested in helping to develop some notable names in the crypto industry! Token Ventures mostly invest for the long term and always look for an opportunity to become a validator for promising crypto projects. We are happy that Token Ventures is going to become a Chain4Energy validator, too! We are looking forward to insightful tips and tricks that might help to grow C4E within the crypto ecosystems.

Who are Token Ventures?

The company was founded by guys with mixed backgrounds (banking, e-commerce, corporate finance), then the team was enlarged by tech-savvy. Capital markets were always the passion of core team members, therefore they have a vast experience in investing and trading different asset classes (stocks, futures, options, ETFs). In 2020 the team got blown away by crypto and mainly by DeFi market possibilities, and decided to enter the space full time. This is when Token Ventures became a venture capital start-up focused on investing in blockchain projects, performing active on-chain operations, and building blockchain infrastructure (validators, servers, hotspots) as well as occasional trading.

For more, please visit: https://token-ventures.com/

About Chain4Energy

Chain4Energy is a Green Energy Marketplace with Blockchain Security. C4E’s mission is to build solutions for the new connected energy world through the use of blockchain and decentralized technologies. Join the green revolution with C4E!

For more, please visit: https://www.chain4.energy/

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