Chain4Energy mainnet is up and running. C4E community update

It’s done and it’s great news! The C4E chain is already live and running, with more and more validators coming every week. What does it mean? It means that the C4E tokens have been already minted and they are ready for new validators and project supporters.

The tokens are not yet available for purchasing on the open market but you can become a validator and support the network from the very beginning. The listing is planned for Q2 2023 (if the proper market conditions are met).

However, there are many ways in which you can join the C4E project! For instance, you can observe our Social Media channels like Telegram or Twitter.

Since our Mainnet is up and running, it also means you can check the transactions at our C4E explorer:

C4E dashboard:

What are the next steps for C4E?

As mentioned before new validators are coming every week and at the time of writing, there are already plenty of them. You can view them in our explorer, too: https://explorer.c4e.io/validators

When the number of validators will turn 45 there will be automatically held DAO governance voting about launching the staking rewards for the validators.

At the same time, we are working on the stakedrop and gleam campaign distribution tool. You will be able to claim tokens and delegate them to the selected validator set.

After this time we will also introduce the inter-blockchain communication protocol and in the next steps, C4E will be available for trading.


We are happy to have you all on board and working together on the future of energy markets. Stay tuned for the next updates and more info on C4E token!

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