Stake & Relax AMA recap

In the recent time, on 09.03 we hosted @CryptoCakir from Stake&Relax during the AMA Session. The AMA had 2 parts — Team Questions & Community Questions. Below we are publishing the recap of the session.

Team Questions

CryptoCakir: GM Chain4Energy Community! 🦥

TJK: Hello @CryptoCakir 😉 How are you doing today? Welcome to our C4E Telegram community 😎

CryptoCakir: All fine hope you and the community are also doing fine 🙂

TJK: Are you ready for today’s AMA Session?

CryptoCakir: Yes, ser. Let’s go 🚀

TJK: Awesome! Let’s do it💪How about we begin with introductory questions? Here they come:

Could you introduce yourself? Also, what is your and Stake&Relax story? @CryptoCakir

CryptoCakir: My Name is Zac and I am in the crypto industry since early 2017. Super passionate about crypto in general and especially about tokenization. I have a finance background and have graduated with my Masters in Banking in Finance where I wrote about „Network Security and Proof of Stake. I have interviewed quite a lot of Validators and have seen the demands from the Delegator side. Around a year ago I completed the Validator school and started my first Validator Node on Nomic $NOM. Later on, I collaborated with a Partner and since then we are running on 8 Mainnets including C4E.

TJK: Very cool to know.😎 Do you mind telling us how exactly the beginnings of your crypto journey looked like around 2017?

CryptoCakir: Sure, I actually started my Crypto journey together. Cryptocito. We studied in the same city and somehow we came across Bitcoin, we started to dive deeper into this sector, traded on Etherdelta (that was the time before the major DEX’es), and basically made every mistake possible. Learned more and more every day and now I am here 🙂

TJK: Great. We all learn with the passing of time and it is great to see that you have a very good & crypto background. So our next question is the following: How do you contribute to Networks you Validate for?

CryptoCakir: After doing Due Diligence on Networks we want to validate, we always check how we can add value to the Project. Mainly we are providing Public Goods such as RPC/API Nodes, Seed Nodes, IBC Relayer, and Snapshots (Once a Day). Furthermore, we are building a community and trying to educate the community as much as possible. We are writing threads and trying to keep the community informed. Sometimes we can help the projects with even more as we have collected some experience in this sector.

TJK: Earlier you wrote about running on 8 mainnets including C4E. I wonder — why have you particularly become interested in C4E and how has your story started with us?

CryptoCakir: That’s quite an interesting story. Especially in crypto usually, everything happens online.

TJK: And we are more than just curious to hear more about your story with C4E 😍

CryptoCakir: I have meet Dominik and Greg in real life last year at the Cosmoverse Conference in Medellin. They had a stand and they explained to me their product and their vision. We kept in contact and I started to validate the chain. Chain4Energy has a quite unique value proposition and their idea is quite ambitious. The passion that Greg and Dominik showed me during the Conference made me believe in the project.

TJK: Indeed, our project has a very unique value proposition. I personally believe, that with its approach toward blockchain tech and renewable energy sources, C4E will help much to change the world into a better place.

CryptoCakir: I think so as well!

TJK: Whether it comes to energy availability, prices, promoting the reduction of carbon footprint, or many other points… I personally love the scope and approach of the project.

But, let’s get back to our questions 😜

Here comes another one. What benefits we might expect you & Stake&Relax will bring to C4E?

CryptoCakir: The benefits we can bring for the Chain4Energy Network next to the Public Goods that we provide such as RPC Nodes, Seed nodes, etc. are in the community side, and the experience we have collected over several years.

So we can help C4E to grow and address a bigger community. We also could already help with the Strategic Foundation Delegation Program…

TJK: Yes, especially with the Strategic Reserve Delegation Program 😁 But also like you have said earlier in the community aspects.

Now, here comes the last question for this part

In your opinion what future challenges & opportunities lay ahead of our project?

CryptoCakir: That’s quite a good Question.C4E has an ambitious goal.

As Chain4Energy has an established product and customers in the Web2 space, the biggest challenge is going to be to address the community and users of Web3. If these challenges can be achieved the opportunities are huge. Energy is a key infrastructure component and important in everyone’s overall life. With global warming and other crisis such as war, energy becomes more and more demanded. Especially green energy becomes more important than ever. Chain4Energie provides the solution for this problem.

TJK: For all of those problems. I believe that we will solve them very well in the future 😎

And so part I has ended with those questions. @CryptoCakir , are you ready for Part II of the AMA?

CryptoCakir: Yes, ser! Ask me everything 🙂Wookie is ready.

Community Questions

Question 1:
How do you keep investors trust in the long term period?

Answer 1:
Excellent Question:

We are Validating these 8 Chains: $STRIDE $PASG $JUNO $NOM $MARS $EVMOS #C4E $XPRT

We expect to add more quality chains in the future. Trust is one of the key components in crypto and especially in validating. We try to be as transparent as possible and share as many insights as possible. We try to answer every question we get on Telegram or Twitter. Transparent communication is the key to Delegations and a Strong Community.

Question 2:
What makes Stake&Relax special compared to other competitors? Thanks u!🙌

Answer 2:
In Cosmos, we have many great Validators. Every single one can provide some kind of added value. Some are more technical others have already strong communities. We from Stake&Relax focus on being transparent and fair to our Delegators.

We as almost the only Validators have an Accrual Account which we use in case we are in the inactive set or in an unlikely situation that we get slashed to refund our Delegators. So we want to ensure that the delegator can truly relax while staking with us. Additionally, we try to add as much value as possible to the networks we are validating on.

Question 3:
What other exciting things has the team at StakeandRelax been working on?

Answer 3:
Thanks for the Question: We are running on several Testnets.

Currently, we are extending our Infrastructure and trying to establish a good position within the Validator set in the networks we validate on. On the Networks, we spin up backup Nodes and other kinds of services but mainly work closely together with the Networks. For example, we have been elected for the Stride Council where we have helped score other Validators. I am also in the JUNO SubDAO Communications and try to help with transparency. On my personal side, I am helping to organize Cosmoverse and an other Conference called InfraCon.

Question 4:
Is there any particular reason that you’re choosing the stake and relax name?

Answer 4:
Haha, great question!

As I was in the crypto case for a longer time, I was also joking with my friends and somehow we established the Slogan „Stake & Relax so you can get later Steak and Rolex“. I quite liked it and decided to name the Validator Stake&Relax we the delegators can delegate and simply relax.

Question 5:
There is still a large audience in the world that has yet to meet the crypto and blockchain industry. What are your plans to reach these people and help New Stake&Relax Users?

Answer 5:
Thats true! I think it is still a long way till the majority understand the full potential of Blockchain and the consensus mechanism of PoS. The best way to reach out to these people is simply by providing content and valuable conversations. I like conferences a lot as you can meet the people face to face and potentially answer the question they have. I think education plays a vital role in the future.


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