ZenChainLabs became a Chain4Energy network validator!

Finding an excellent validator team is not an easy task. If you become one you strengthen the Chain4Energy network and help us disrupt the energy market. The new and excellent validator project we would love to introduce is ZenChainLabs — they are the newest supporters of the C4E blockchain.


ZenChainLabs currently provides blockchain services across several chains within the Cosmos ecosystem and outside of it. As a team, they bring many years of infrastructure, development, devops, process automation and monitoring to the exciting world of blockchains.

ZenChainLabs offers professional validation services and currently secures 9 Cosmos networks as well as a Substrate network.

Other than the core validation services they provide, ZenChainlabs also provides the ZenScan series of block explorers, trusted globally by multiple blockchain communities to provide detailed blockchain data. In addition to this, they provide public API/RPC endpoints for almost all the networks they validate, as well as a staking application built on the widely popular Omniflix Insync application.

While ZenChainLabs helps secure some of the older and larger blockchain networks, they are also focused on contributing to the progress of newer blockchains. They also currently secure testnets for several blockchains.

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