Special C4E Update: We will be attending 3 Major Conferences in Paris on the 21st — 25th of July!

It will be a busy July weekend for Chain4Energy! We are excited to announce that we will attend three blockchain conferences in Paris between 21.07–25.07.

These conferences will provide Chain4Energy with an opportunity to showcase its solutions to a global audience of Cosmos and Crypto leaders, potential partners, investors, and regulators.

Where are we going to?

The first conference will be the Osmocon, held on July 21st, 2023, with an incredible lineup of speakers, announcements, events, and teams attending. We will be there to forge new, valuable partnerships.

The second one will be Modular Summit Development Space, happening on July 21–22, 2023. A premier event for the global blockchain community, with famous speakers featuring Vitalik Buterin, Sandik Nailwal, and Sunny Agarwal.

The third conference comes last, but not least, the Nebular Summit which will be held at the 18 Rue Paradis, Paris, on July 24–25, 2023. This conference will cover topics related to the Cosmos SDK, CosmWasm, IBC, cross-chain MEV, Interchain Security, governance, zero-knowledge, and so much more!


To sum up, this weekend will be hot for our team! With this exciting lineup of three major blockchain conferences from Cosmos & Crypto space happening in just five days! Here, Chain4Energy will delve into the intersections of blockchain, IoT, and cryptocurrency tech.

Each conference will provide Chain4Energy with an invaluable opportunity to present and discuss its innovative blockchain solutions tailored for the energy industry, forge industry-changing partnerships, or meet with our community supporters.

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