Chain4Energy Listing Time Update: A Strategic Decision

The remarkable of Chain4Energy has been paved with ambition, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the energy sector.

As we stand on the precipice of a new era in decentralized energy, we believe in making decisions that will sustain our momentum while delivering optimum value to our community, customers & projects.

Reflecting on Our Accomplishments:

As we approach the end of 2023, it’s essential to acknowledge the strides we’ve made. This year we have witnessed the inception of multiple foundational projects and collaborations:

Staking Rewards: We successfully initiated staking rewards, creating a more engaging and rewarding ecosystem for our validators.

DAO: Launching our DAO has allowed validators and (soon community) for the

Strategic Reserve Delegation Program: This initiative fortifies our commitment to validators dedicated to the platform’s growth.

Blockchain City Initiative: In collaboration with industry giants like BMW, Ari10, and others, this project has taken off, promising groundbreaking advancements in the energy domain.

Private Sale: Our private sale garnered immense interest, establishing the trust and enthusiasm our community shares in our vision. More about that here: https://c4e.io/private-sale/

Mobile App Alpha Launch: Providing immediate utility, our mobile app alpha version has been introduced, with the whitelist for beta available right at https://forms.gle/5DnkatMqkbR5CmHB6

EV Socket Sharing MVP: A first-of-its-kind, this MVP demonstrates our commitment to the EV landscape, fostering a more inclusive and connected EV ecosystem.

Partnerships: There has been many friendships and collaborations made along the way:
Ari10, Babylon, Leap Wallet, Synaps and others.

Community Building — we have kicked off Zealy campaigns (including a testnet campaign) incentivizing our community members and bringing in new users interested in our project. We have also started collaborating with new KOLs — project ambassadors from the polish & cosmos crypto Space e.g. Crypto Danny, Mike Satoshi, Encyklopedia Kryptowalut.

Looking Forward:

While we’ve made significant progress, in the interest of ensuring that our community & project receive the best experience possible, we’ve decided to postpone our token listing and airdrop distribution.

This move is strategic, allowing us more time to refine, optimize, and ensure our platform stands unchallenged in the energy sector. While we have postponed it also means that the airdrop distribution has been postponed — we will distribute the airdrop rewards after the token listing.

We want to assure that our token will have full usability. This is why we are developing the product (platform for EV users and EV chargers hosts) and we are acquiring the platform users — we want to assure that before the token listing our product (and token on the platform) will have its traction and furthermore will be substantial in building up the token value.

In Conclusion:

The Q3-Q4 roadmap for 2023 remains as ambitious as ever with the product being in the spotlight. We plan to gain traction on the EV charging market by creating a working product in a number of cites.

In the coming weeks we will release an updated project roadmap with what are our further goals for Q3/Q4 2023 and 2024.

With every challenge, we’ve grown stronger, and with every accomplishment, our vision has become clearer. Our commitment is not just to meet expectations but to exceed them, driving a revolution in the decentralized energy space.

For the latest news and developments, stay tuned to our official channels and remain an integral part of our blossoming community.

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