C4E Zealy Reboot & Future Campaigns Updates

AtC4E we are pleased to sum up our recent Zealy campaigns which were a massive success with thousands of participants engaged in Testnet activities.

The tasks included joining and interacting with C4E on social media, inviting friends to the community, connecting with C4E Testnet through Leap and Keplr Wallets, undertaking various tasks on the C4E testnet such as delegating and claiming tokens, and participating in specialized tasks for C4E network’s active validators.

The diverse array of activities culminated in hundreds of thousands C4E tokens available for grabs, highlighting the vibrancy and dynamism of the C4E community.

Checking Your Eligibility for ZEALY’s Campaigns

To ascertain if you’re entitled to claim your C4E tokens from ZEALY’s campaigns, please navigate to https://wallet.c4e.io/airdrop. The process is straightforward: click on ‘Connect’, link your Cosmos/ Leap wallet (make sure it’s the one used for the campaign), and you’ll instantly view the amount of tokens waiting for you.

We pride ourselves on maintaining the strictest standards of fairness and integrity. As such, participants suspected of deceptive or dishonest behavior during the campaign might face disqualification.

Distribution Timeline

Claiming of the tokens from Zealy Campaigns will commence after the C4E token listing. The listing has been postponed to fit the more favorable market conditions — more about our decision you can find here: https://medium.com/chain4-energy/chain4energy-listing-time-update-a-strategic-decision-c0ca5084bf22

Once you’ve claimed your tokens, a lock-up period of 6 months will kick in, succeeded by a linear vesting phase spread over the subsequent 3 months for those claimed tokens.

C4E Zealy Dashboard Reboot

Now let’s move to the main course! As of now, we have great news for you — We are preparing for another Zealy Campaign which will begin in the coming days.

This is why we have decided to restart our Zealy Dashboard. We have chosen to restart it to give equal chances to all present and future C4E Zealy participants.

The Zealy Dashboard Reboot will take place this Thursday (28.09) between 10.00–11.00 AM UTC. After the Reboot the tasks will stay hidden and become revealed upon the beginning of Q4 C4E Zealy Campaign.

Further C4E Campaigns

Stay updated with all things at C4E by tracking our social media updates — the coming Q4 C4E Zealy Campaign will be filled with various and amazing activities and neat rewards!

We also want to thank you for your amazing and continued support — it all would not be possible without you.

May the Green Force be with you.


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