C4E Summer of Innovation — Three Blockchain Conferences in Paris

This summer, the C4E core team had the pleasure of immersing ourselves in the thriving blockchain scene in Paris, where we participated in three incredible conferences: Nebular Summit, OsmoCon, and the Modular Summit. Each brought together the best and brightest minds in blockchain, for a series of illuminating technical talks, practical workshops, and enriching networking opportunities.

Always good to keep in touch with friends from Validatorium

Kicking off our blockchain summer, the Modular Summit, held from July 21st to 22nd, shone a light on the transformative power of the modular approach in blockchain technology. Visionaries and innovators shared insights on the potential of designing, developing, and operating individual blockchain components independently. This modular approach showcased a future of blockchain technology that is customizable, interoperable, flexible, and scalable.

Without missing a beat, we moved to OsmoCon, held from July 21st to 23rd. This conference was a revelation, highlighting numerous innovative projects developing within the Osmosis DEX Ecosystem. The sheer variety of topics, from yield strategies and carbon markets to NFTs and fiat on-ramps, demonstrated the expansive scope and potential of DeFi and blockchain technology.

Rounding out our Parisian blockchain summer was the Nebular Summit on July 24th and 25th. This conference nurtured an environment of learning and collaboration, featuring technical talks, developer workshops, and relaxed networking opportunities. It was an inspiring encounter with the minds pushing the envelope in blockchain technology, helping us deepen our understanding and hone our skills.


Three remarkable conferences in one extraordinary city, all within a few days, left us with a wealth of knowledge and countless valuable connections. Our summer in Paris was an unforgettable journey into the heart of blockchain innovation, and we look forward to applying the insights gained to our future projects. Here’s to a future as bright as a Parisian summer!

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