New C4E proposal passed — A step towards agile governance

We are happy to announce that new development stage, with the community overwhelmingly approving a proposal to streamline its governance model.

The governance voting displayed an emphatic approval with 93.87% votes (76.01 M) in favor, 6.13% votes (4.96 M) opposing, and no votes in abstain or veto.

The Challenge with the Current Model

Initially, the governance model allowed for a voting duration of up to 7 days. This extended timeframe was perceived as a bottleneck, impeding dynamic and nimble decision-making processes essential for aligning with the rapid developments outlined in our roadmap.

Community’s Push for Optimal Alignment

The core team, aligning with the ethos of agile and responsive governance, highlighted that a condensed time frame of 2 days is more conducive to the evolving needs of the project. This aligns C4E with the operational tempo of other projects in the ecosystem, such as Kujira, Mars, and Nolus.

A Step Towards Agile Governance

This development marks a significant step for C4E in refining its governance structure, enabling the project to adapt swiftly to the varying demands and opportunities in the decentralized energy sector. The newly adopted proposal is anticipated to facilitate more efficient and timely decisions, ensuring the continuous and harmonious growth of C4E.

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