Let’s talk about Chain4Energy experience

Building the Green Energy Integration Toolkit for the new world of energy with the use of blockchain is a challenging task. It requires a deep understating of the energy market — a place that is becoming increasingly complex for its participants. On the other hand, there is a need for technical excellence when it comes to delivering a product that can be disruptive in a positive way and can facilitate the change into a more sustainable market.

Only a great team can create truly disruptive products

When it comes to a young and disruptive technology we are combining the experience in the numerous fields from IT and blockchain enterprise-level solutions to Green Energy and large-scale telecommunication.

The core team (CEO Dominik Skrobacz and CTO Paweł Borecki) founded and developed Ovoo — a leading software company, which builds sophisticated systems for telco operators (eg. Deutsche Telekom, Orange) and banks in European Union. The company has over 60 highly skilled specialists all working in a diverse tech stack including blockchain, private networks, charging functions for 5G, Golang, Rust, and many more. The company has finished over 150 projects for the customers — some of them being the biggest publicly listed telecommunication companies and banks.

On the crypto side of things, we got Grzegorz Sikora who has been working as a project manager on numerous projects around the world. In the last 4 years, he has been continuously exploring and extending the focus on blockchain and crypto space.

We got specialists from the green energy side of things, too! Maciej Sołtysik (PhD) is an expert in the field of electric power engineering. He has over 20 years of professional experience in trading companies as well as distribution and transmission industries. At the same time, he is a researcher at the Częstochowa University of Technology.

Rest of the team

In the near future, we will be describing the team members in a detailed way on our social media, so do not miss it out! There is a lot of experience to be shared among the community, so you should definitely get to the channels:



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