Latest Strategic Delegation Program Q2 Stage Summary

Chain4Energy has allocated 54,000,000 C4E from the Strategic Pool for the Strategic Reserve Delegation Program, which is divided into four categories: Eligibility, Early Supporter, Objective, and Subjective. Objective criteria are evaluated automatically by the Smart Delegation Program (SDP), while the CORE Team scores subjective criteria individually.

The Q2 Delegation Program acknowledges and appreciates the validators’ involvement, especially their contributions to technical documentation, RPC and Seed nodes as public goods, creating YouTube videos, and high participation in Chain4Energy team Twitter spaces.

The Strategic Delegation Program is trying to optimize the stake with the amount it gets from the objective criteria. That means that delegations correlate with the score of each validator. The higher the score the higher the ideal stake, but it’s always in the correlation with the current stake of the validator. The program is solving a Quadratic programming calculation to distribute the stake, so the value set is evenly distributed and the most decentralized as possible with the amount of the objective delegation amount

Eligibility criteria — who could take part and how?

Validators who meet eligibility criteria are guaranteed a base delegation of 40,000 C4E, with additional delegations possible based on Objective and Subjective Parameters.

Proven track record — Is active validator for at least 3 months in two other cosmos chains

  1. Commission rate — between 1% — 10%
  2. Geography — Validator location outside of Countries which are on the embargo list¹. At least the following countries are excluded: Russia, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea, Belarus. The list will be continuously evaluated and updated.
  3. Not being jailed in last 90d — Validator missing 9500 blocks out of 10k (missed blocks) or 15.8 hours downtime -> would lead to slashing and being jailed
  4. Uptime — 95% of blocks must be signed during the last 90d. Taken into account for disqualification. For qualification not verified.

Let’s remind the scoring for the objective criteria:

What was needed for 100% score:

  • • Uptime are % signed blocks for last 30 days — result needed above 99%
  • • ISP — Internet Service Provider — At 10% concentration and below
  • • Geography — Location of Validator At 10% concentration and below
  • • Commision rate at 10% Commision rate → score is 50%, and 5% Commission rate → score is 100%
  • • Governance participation — Votes on Governance proposals (last 90 days) — at or above 75 % participation rate

Subjective criteria

Subjective Parameters

Subjective criteria are parameters which are not possible to evaluate on-chain, therefore the Team took care of this and scored them individually. The subjective Parameters are divided into three different sectors:

  • • Community Contribution
  • • Public Goods
  • • Technical

To qualify for Strategic Reserve Delegation within the subjective parameters the Validator has to send in an application with their contributions. You can find out more about them here: https://docs.c4e.io/validatorsGuide/

Here are some community contributions from this round!

To get a summarized Overview of the Delegation of Q2 check it out here:



To get a summarized Overview of the Delegation of Q2 check it out here:


Stay tuned for the next article about the details and tasks in the upcoming Strategic Delegation Program Stage! There will be a lot of cool ways to contribute and be part of the Strategic Delegation Program.

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