C4E Special Week of Conferences — Summary

Last week, the C4E core team had the pleasure of immersing in the thriving blockchain & green mobility scenes across Europe, where they have participated in three incredible conferences: Cryptosphere, IAA Mobility, and the Nordic Blockchain Conference.

The conferences brought the best and brightest minds in the green mobility & blockchain industries, for a series of illuminating technical talks, practical workshops, panels and enriching networking opportunities.

This is how we rock on the Polish Blockchain scene!

Kicking off our conference marathon, we started with the Cryptosphere, which took place on 2nd September in Wrocław, Poland, dedicated to the Polish blockchain industry scene.

Individuals, investors and project leaders shared their time together discussing the future of the industry & kept running technical panels.

The conference welcomed influential figures from the blockchain sphere, including well-know KOLs (e.g. Krypto Ekipa, Mike Satoshi, Encyklopedia Kryptowalut, Andrzej BTC) and various projects core team members (Algorand, Synapse Network or C4E).

This is the right Lambo for driving to work.

Without missing a beat, we moved to IAA Mobility, held from September 5th to 10th in Monachium, Germany. This conference was highlighting numerous innovative projects & companies developing the solutions for the greener future of transportation.

The C4E was extensively networking, as blockchain solutions are a game-changer for the green mobility industry. After all, tech giants such as BMW, Audi or others were present at the stage.

The pleasure was on our side.

We also felt privileged to meet with the General Consul of Poland in Monachium, Jan Malkiewicz & CEO of Green Cell Paweł Ochyński.

This meeting marks how together we are taking steps toward a greener and more EV mobile future in Germany & Europe.

Rounding up our conferences’ spree, the last came at the Nordic Blockchain Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark on 7th September.

This conference nurtured the workshops & panels focusing on technical talks, discussing the future of Web3, AI in blockchain and various security related issues in the blockchain industry.

It was an inspiring encounter with the minds pushing the envelope in blockchain technology, helping us deepen our understanding and hone our skills, which we have expressed on a panel “Can blockchain accelerate ESG adoption?” held together with Marco Troja — CEO of Anima Blockchain, Maria Pelch — Senior Manager at Concordium, Kristian Krogh — CEO of Carbon Link, and Bianca Lopes — Council Member of IRCAI.

These three remarkable conferences took place all within just a few days, leaving us with a wealth of knowledge and countless valuable connections.

Our Conferences’ Week Spree was an unforgettable journey into the heart of blockchain & mobility innovations, and we look forward to applying the insights gained to our future developments.

As you can see we are building the forefront of the transparent and user-friendly energy market. Are you in #C4E?

Can you guess to which conference our CEO Dominik is heading next?

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