C4E Zealy campaign — A Path to Active Participation and Incentivised testnet

In the vibrant and dynamic world of C4E Zealy, community members have the opportunity to earn EXP points through various tasks and contributions. These tokens hold value within the C4E ecosystem and can be obtained by actively engaging in the community. With a total of 100,000 C4E tokens up for grabs based on individual contributions, let’s explore the tasks that can be completed to earn EXP points that will be proportional to c4e rewards. Let’s go through some of the tasks:

Small Steps for the Man…

The first steps towards earning EXP points involve joining various platforms and engaging with the community from following our social media to making a tweet about C4E.

Get Your Team Together

Building a strong community is essential, and C4E recognizes the value of teamwork. You can earn additional EXP points by inviting others to join:

  1. Invite 1 Friend: Each friend you invite who joins the community earns you 100 EXP points.
  2. Invite 5 Friends: Inviting five friends grants you 500 EXP points.
  3. Invite 10 Friends: Bringing ten friends on board earns you 1000 EXP points.
  4. Invite 20 Friends: If you manage to invite twenty friends, you’ll receive a generous reward of 2000 EXP points.

… Big Leap for the C4E Community

Leap Wallet is fun and also Chain4Energy partner. If you are not sure on how to proceed with the tasks here (involving switching to testnet network) — check out this article:

  1. Install Leap Wallet Browser Extension 200 XP
  2. Connect your wallet with C4E Testnet 150 XP

Discovery of the C4E Land

If you are just coming to the Cosmos SKD and Chain4Energy ecosystems you’ll definitely need your Keplr wallet, too! After the Big Leap this task should be easy!

  1. Install Kelpr Wallet — https://www.keplr.app/download and an extension just like with Leap Wallet.
  2. Connect your wallet with C4E Testnet at https://wallet-testnet.c4e.io/dashboard

Road to Energy Glory

If your wallet is installed it’s time for some more advanced tasks on the C4E testnet — it will be fun!

  1. Delegate the tokens and get them at the faucet — in this task, you have to go to the website https://wallet-testnet.c4e.io/faucet, connect your wallet and click the button request tokens (you might need to solve a captcha).

2. After getting the 100 C4E tokens from the faucet you need to head to https://wallet-testnet.c4e.io/staking and choose the validator you’d like to delegate your tokens to and click Manage.

3. Click MAX and Delegate

4. Confirm the transaction in your Leap or Kepler wallet. If you are facing problems it might be because of not using the proper network. You can find the proper way to do it here: https://medium.com/chain4-energy/leap-wallet-task-walkthrough-for-the-c4e-community-761b73172916

Redelegate/ Undelegate

These tasks are very similar to the above-presented Delegate C4E token task and are done in the same box as presented above. If you are nevertheless having trouble with re-delegate/un-delegate tasks you should check out his websites (but just remember that tasks have to be done o testnet):



Claiming your token rewards

The next task at Road to Energy Glory is claiming your token rewards after delegating them.

  1. Enter https://wallet-testnet.c4e.io/staking

2. Move your mouse over the white box just like in the screenshot below.

3. Click Claim and Approve the transaction.

Journey to the node

This task has been made only for the C4E network active validators — if you need any help just write to us on the Validator group on Telegram or Discord.

C4E Academy

It’s not that easy to become a master of Decentralized Green Energy but we believe you can do it — just check out our litepaper or website and you’ll find all the answers! If you have any problems just ask at any of the social channels you have joined in earlier tasks.

The most important — Prizes

By getting involved with the tasks you get experience points that will be transposed to C4E tokens that will be distributed after checking the tasks of this campaign — just after the month of June. There are 100 000 C4E (more incoming) tokens for grabs so definitely try making as many tasks as possible!

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