C4E Subjective Strategic Reserve Delegation Program Changes

The C4E Strategic Reserve Delegation Program consists of the Objective and the Subjective Parameters. As the Objective parameters will be consistently tracked/evaluated and therefore the redelegation will happen consistently in a period of 14–30 Days. Whereas the Subjective Parameters are revised once every quarter. The Subjective parameters will be updated after every Quarter as the Foundation wants to ensure to incentivize beneficial and needed contributions from the Validators to the C4E Network. In this document the Subjective Parameters will be described for the Q3 SRDP Period, so the Validators can prepare and see where contributions are appreciated and will be incentivized.

Technical contributions (7 p.):
The Technical contributions are divided into 3 pillars which include code contributions, Github Proposals and Documentation. These contributions require technical understanding and knowledge.

Public testnet (3 p.):
Running node in the public testnet. C4E Team is going to launch the Incentivised Testnet for testing new features and engaging the community.

The exact rules are going to be announced before the launch of the incentivized testnet campaign!

Code Contribution and Github proposals (2 p.):
Under code contribution the C4E Team understands any meaningful contribution to the C4E code base. As it is open source everyone can contribute and we’d like you to use Github for proposed changes. This includes finding bugs in the code or somewhere else. To count it there should be an issue opened up on GitHub.

Documentation (2p.):
In the last Quarter, there were already many submissions for this. By documentation is meant that there is a manual for technical matters. Examples for this are the following: How to set up a Validator for C4E, how to communicate, How to set up an RPC Node etc.

Public Goods (8 p.):
Public goods are contributions which help the network to grow and be usable. It benefits all members of the C4E network. It includes the technical side such as rpc nodes, seed nodes but also provides value for the non-technical users with tools like Explorers. Important to mention that Quality is preferred rather than Quantity.

RPC Nodes (2 p.):
Setting up an RPC node for the C4E network is appreciated and will be incentivized with delegations. As it helps to be a gateway for dApps and other applications as the node obtains blockchain information. Please make sure if you set up an RPC node that you do NOT run it on the same server as your Validator Node as this has security vulnerabilities. Also make sure to add your Node to the cosmos directory: https://cosmos.directory/chain4energy/nodes. If an RPC node is not listed there it will not be counted as a contribution, the same counts if the Node is not available.

Seed Nodes (2 p.):
The C4E network will grow in the future and therefore Seed nodes are quite important as they are responsible to locate other nodes and assist in the process of connecting to other nodes that are becoming part of the network. Important hereby is also to add the information to the cosmos directory otherwise it can’t be scored in the subjective SDRP.

Archive Nodes (2 p.):
An Archive node is like a normal full node but requires more disk space as it builds an archive of historical states. This becomes relevant for querying historical blockchain data.

Explorer ( 2p.):
The more information an Explorer has the better for the user. It gives an overview of relevant Data such as current and past Governance proposals, the block height, staking APR, Inflation and many more. There are almost no limits to display data for the chain. Cosmos station and ping.pub are the current leaders in the cosmos ecosystem regarding explorers. But the C4E team also encourages independent Validators who have the capabilities to build an explorer and help C4E to display relevant information. Forks of Ping.pub do NOT count as contributions!

Community (20 p.):
The Community is one of the most important pillars of the C4E network. The goal of the C4E Team is to have a growing and strong community. As Validators also play a crucial role in this, it is encouraged to educate and bring people together. Onboarding new users and green-energy enthusiasts is a key component to make C4E a success, therefore it will be heavily incentivized. Helping the existing community to understand the products and the network better is of significant importance.

Social media contribution (3 p.):
Under social media contributions the C4E Teams understand different kinds of contributions. It can be next to normal activity on Twitter, Discord or Telegram, posting about C4E and writing threads which explains the product, the tech or similar. It’s appreciated if a Validator is active in various social media channels helping the community or even other validators. Retweeting C4E related posts or joining Twitter spaces/ Video calls and showing interest in the network and will be incentivized

YT Videos (2 p.):
Creating YouTube videos where the C4E network or the product explanations that can help to onboard new users and is seen as a very appreciated contribution. An example of this kind content with the will be an C4E Airdrop, making a Video how to claim and stake it would be an idea of content and contribution.

Tutorials (3 p.):
Writing tutorials on how to use the C4E Wallet, to claim, stake or vote in Governance proposals are a very good start. Furthermore, writing about how to use the C4E platform to use it to build energy communities or even sell energy on the C4E Marketplace will be highly welcomed. We are happy to help in such efforts.

Translations (3 p.):
Translating already existing articles or tutorials into different languages to enhance the communication with the local communities is an easy way to contribute to the C4E Network. This part of work connected with the connection contributions can help us create great results.

Marketing materials (2 p.):
Creating marketing materials to support the Marketing department of C4E is another community effort, especially on holidays C4E branded graphics (like the Easter Greetings or Earth Day that is coming soon ​​ 👀 )

Regional communication providers program (7 p.):
The goal is to establish partnerships with influencers and trusted investor groups/media in your local markets. We are looking for trusted influencers, investor groups/media for the following selected regions: Turkey / Ukraine /DACH region / France / Indonesia / Japan / LATAM.

Possibly other countries in which you operate (we will consider whether at this stage we want to connect with partners from your markets). This contribution consists of 2 steps. First you mention to the C4E team trusted local investors, influencers and media channels. In the second step is that the Validator is connecting the person or groups to the C4E Team.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: (every mentioning of an influencer etc. gets 0.5 point)

  • • you recommend trusted local influencers to us
  • • you recommend trusted local investor groups
  • • you recommend trusted local media channels

Step 2:

  • • Connect them with us (e.g. via private telegram group, announced direct contact with them, meeting, e-mail). The connection that turns into an established collaboration will be additionally rewarded.

To receive the points in the SRDP you need to complete both Steps: Step 1 and Step 2. If you are recommending someone make sure you know him and can establish a contact. For that, simply make a new group on Telegram with the user: @Michael_io (If you have opened a group make sure to mention the contribution in the next Delegation application and make sure to write down which local market it’s targeting).

The Delegation out of this contribution varies depending on the points acquired and is distributed quarterly within the subjective SRDP Delegation.

Summary and Changes Disclaimer

Here are some of the Quarter 3 the Subjective Parameters:


  • • Connection contributions (7 Points)
  • • Incentived Testnet (2 Points)


  • • Adding Chain4Energy at own web
  • • Participation in C4E Twitter Spaces and asking useful questions / AMA with validator team.


  • • Translation: old 1 Points new 3 Points
  • • Tutorials: old 2 Points new 4 Points
  • • Code contribution and GitHub into one

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