Chain4Energy — Green energy integration toolkit

The global energy crisis is a real and pressing issue. Every day, the world consumes more energy than it can produce, and this imbalance is only going to get worse. We need a new way to generate and distribute green energy, and that’s where blockchain comes in. Blockchain is a database that allows for secure, transparent, and tamper-proof transactions. This makes it the perfect technology for recording and monitoring renewable energy production. With Chain4Energy Green energy we are aiming to accelerate the revolution. In this article, we would like to talk about why thanks to blockchain tech C4E can be called a toolkit for the energy revolution.

At Chain4Energy we provide green energy integration toolkit with the ambition to fulfill the following concerns:

Ownership — customers become partners and owners of the platform
Governance — allows influencing roadmap and solution development
Independence — avoid vendor lock-in
Immutability — every state agreed or stored via the platform is unchangeable
Compliance — fulfilling GDPR requirements
Decentralization — solution is highly immune to influence by 3rd parties


Customers of Chain4Energy are partners and owners of the platform. This means that they have a say in how the platform is developed and what features are added. They also have access to the data produced by the platform, which helps them to track their own energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. This transparency and accountability is a key advantage here.


The previously mentioned ownership allows influencing roadmap and solution development. The token HODLer can use their voting power according to the tokens owned and staked — the more tokens delegated the bigger the voting power.


The independence property of our solution is being able to change your energy provider without being dependent on the once chosen solution. Decentralization within our product brings independence and the ability to exclude the bad actors as well as better flexibility.


Immutability brings trust. Any change of state or transaction made on the network is recorded in the immutable ledger bringing the certainty of the used solution. The same goes for the data recorded within the platform — it cannot be changed as it is recorded on the immutable sovereign blockchain within the cosmos ecosystem.


The modern data protection laws, especially in European Union are bringing additional layers of protection to internet users. Our solution is compliant with the GDPR laws, bringing the best protection for all the participants of the network — energy producers, prosumers, and customers.


One of the most important properties of blockchain technology. Thanks to decentralization C4E products cannot be influenced by third parties. At the same time, the decentralized energy system allows for optimal use of renewable energy as well as combined heat and power, reduces fossil fuel use, and increases eco-efficiency — in some cases can help to

Circumvent political bottlenecks.

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