- What is C4E

Challenges and solutions

  • Network inefficiencies
  • Unevenly distributed energy production
  • Lack of Grid stability
  • Energy Poverty
  • Growing Energy Demand

Check our strategic business goals!

  • Providing a global green energy management system
  • Standardizing the energy invoices and billings
  • Stabilizing Energy Outputs in the network
  • Meeting energy demand with Energy Smart Grid
  • Enabling Energy Trading & Aggregation
  • Tokenizing the Green Energy
  • Providing Security based on blockchain

C4E - our clients

  • Business participants
  • Prosumers
  • C4E community

Thanks to the implemented products of Layer 3, the necessary mechanisms handle advanced energy use cases such as:

  • energy trading
  • aggregation
  • energy balancing
  • tokenization
For Business
Top SLA level Plug’n’play Low operating costs No vendor lock-in Guaranteed Energy Origin Ownership
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For Prosumers
Exposure to the all-time growing Green Energy market Access to cheaper Energy 100% Clean Green Energy More efficient energy usage Real-time Energy Monitoring
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For C4E Community
Green Energy Production Rewards Staking & Farming Rewards Deflationary Token with burn mechanisms Fairdrops & Cashbacks Limited and locked supply Bear-market resistance based on strong fundamentals
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Our services
Customer & energy acquisition Smart grid components Security & decentralization Read more
C4E tokens
The Chain4Energy ecosystem uses blockchain technology to tokenize transfers and relations. The C4E token is a basic element of the whole ecosystem and is used to settle payments, commissions, and bonuses for generating green energy. Read more
Platform Mechanics
The C4E platform is built on the basis of 3 layers, thanks to which it is possible to: - provide security for customers’ transactions and energy transfer, - implement ENERGY ACQUISITION & BILLING AUTOMATION for the entire renewable energy market. - gain full set of smart grid scomponents Read more
Who do we partnership with currently?

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Press Releases
September 16, 2022
We are Chain4Energy — the Web3 Energy Marketplace based on Cosmos chain.
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August 11, 2022
It’s good to partner with the true crypto market veterans from Token Ventures.
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August 8, 2022
Constantly progressive legislative changes, sometimes dynamically supporting and other times restricting the development of unitary citizen energy.
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July 26, 2022
The electricity-powered devices are often faster, fairer, and maintenance-free. They are accustoming us to comfort and multi-functionality. They are also an investment — a PV installation on the roof, an electric car, and smart-home gadgets.
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July 21, 2022
Chain4Energy is delighted to welcome KENO to the network as a validator and announce a strategic partnership with the company — one of the biggest photovoltaics producers and distributors in Central Europe with a turnover of over 378 000 000 EUR in 2021.
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July 14, 2022
The global energy crisis is a real and pressing issue. Every day, the world consumes more energy than it can produce, and this imbalance is only going to get worse.
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June 30, 2022
The Green Energy market is a rapidly growing industry with great potential. However, there are several problems that need to be addressed in order for it to reach its full potential.
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June 24, 2022
Building the Green Energy Integration Toolkit for the new world of energy with the use of blockchain is a challenging task.
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June 9, 2022
Blockchain by many is wrongly considered a technology that does not have anything in common with green energy. In fact, it’s the opposite — due to the properties of blockchain technology Chain4Energy project will be directly responsive to limiting the CO2 emissions.
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The Chain4Energy Team consists of over 60 experienced experts and advisors with over 25 years of experience in providing technology solutions for blue chip companies, including 5 years in providing blockchain solutions
Dominik was always fascinated by the combination of business and technology. He is a software development engineer with twenty years of experience. For ten years, as CEO, he has been managing the leading software company OVOO, which builds sophisticated systems for telco and banks in Europe and Middle East. For five years he has been involved in the implementation of blockchain projects in the contract / rating / billing / settlement space and is currently the CEO of the dynamically progressive Chain4Energy company, which creates modern solutions for the entire energy sector.
Dominik Skrobacz
Co-founder & CEO
Co-founder and CTO of OVOO and also the Chain4Energy - providing solutions for the telecommunications and banking industries as well as the entire energy sector. Pawel is a professional software developer and software architect with over 18 years of experience with strong focus on blockchain solutions.
Paweł Borecki
Co-founder & CTO
Blockchain Enthusiast with strong TELCO expert background. During his 20 years of professional life involved in many challenging tasks mixing Business Development, pre-sales, Telecom Expert and Project Manager knowhow and delivering best values for T-Mobile, Telestax and OVOO. Responsible for local but also international projects. During the last 4 years continuously exploring and extending focus on blockchain and crypto space.
Greg Sikora
Co-founder & CIO, Blockchain Expert
Adam Kruszewski
Head of Product Management
Eryk Smólski
Head of Marketing
Darek Chudzik
Project Manager
Łukasz Dudziński
Software Engineer
Karolina Mejbaum
Marketing Manager
Technical team & Advisors
People responsible for overlooking the technical aspect of the project
Adam Skimina
Software Developer
Krzysztof Woliński
Software Engineer
Jan Łukasik
Software Engineer
Michał Siedlanowski
Software Engineer
Bartosz Dudzic
Software Engineer
Paweł Kulpa
Software Engineer
PhD Maciej Sołtysik
Energy Advisor
Mateusz Pielka
Energy Expert
Michał Srebrzyński
Energy Advisor
Paweł Łakomy
Financial Advisor
Piotr Hnacik
Marco Nicita
General Advisor
Juri Maibaum
Crypto Advisor