Crypto Titans AMA Recap

In the recent time, on 27.04 we have hold the AMA Session at CryptoTitans group — a famous community of crypto investors & enthusiasts present both on Twitter & Telegram. The AMA had 3 parts — Team Questions, Twitter Questions & Community Questions. Below we are publishing the recap of the session.

Team Questions

Marwa: Hello Everyone !! Today we have @this_is_crypto_1

from @Chain4Energy_Official for an interactive ama session with us 🙂

Welcome to our humble community Crypto Titans🦁 I’m very happy to be presented in this ama with a great and mighty project like Chain4Energy 🔥

TJK: Hello @Marwamary @Laith080 , pleasure to meet you all today 😎

Marwa: Hi mate, Gald to meet you too 🙂 Are you ready to start?

TJK: Of course!

Marwa: Great! So let’s do it 🔥🔥🔥

TJK: I am ready 😎 Let’s go! 🚀🚀🚀

Marwa: Let’s start presenting the structure of the AMA which will have 3 sections.

First segment — Project introduction

Second segment — Twitter Questions

Third segment — Live Q&A

Introduction questions 🔥🔥 Q1. Can you please introduce yourself as well as the team behind this project?

TJK: Once again hello, my name is Michał Dziopak, and my humble self, I am the Communications & Social Media Manager at C4E. Essentially, I am responsible for overseeing and executing our communications efforts to ensure they are effective and efficient.

Our team at C4E is made up of over 20 highly skilled professionals from the blockchain and energy industries. From our co-founders and product & marketing specialists to our experts and advisors, we have assembled a talented and experienced group that works together to achieve our goals.

If you’d like to learn more about our team members, please visit our website at https://c4e.io/team/

Marwa: We are all honored to have an important person like you among us today🤝

Q2. Could you remind us what is Chain4Energy about?

TJK: Of course! I’d be more than happy to do it 😁

In a very quick overview — we are developing an app and SAAS platform that will be in charge of energy billing, and trading (with tokenization) while solving the modern energy industry challenges we & energy industry are facing.

With our app, your energy bills will be lower (up to 80%) with the use of energy communities that are promoted and encouraged in the EU, while for the energy producers, the billing will be more efficient.

Our platform is for Web2 & Web3 users — Consumers, Crypto Users, Prosumers, and Energy Producers while providing to all parties involved security and transparency based on blockchain tech (Cosmos SDK), all while being cleantech — eco-friendly.

You can learn more about our platform here: https://c4e.io/ or from the litepaper: https://c4e.io/litepaper/

Marwa: Don’t forget to join here guys🔥🔥🔥 https://t.me/Chain4Energy_Official

Q3. What are the advantages of Your project and why blockchain tech for the energy sector?

TJK: Here are the advantages of our project:

From energy consumers, via prosumers up to the energy producers, we are developing a suite of tools & platforms for energy billing and trading (tokenization) with the use of the core element — C4E tokens — literally you will be able to trade the energy for C4E tokens

With the use of our tech and platform, you will be able to save up even up to 80 on your energy bills!!!

Energy tokenization — this is our ultimate goal, to make the energy trading tokenized.

Our community & holders of C4E tokens can decide about the project’s future via regularly held governance voting & proposals — you have the influence in changing our project and in the future the energy industry with us 😉

You will be able to receive the rewards for helping us secure the network.

Marwa: Q4. What have you achieved since the last time you were here with us?

TJK: To be honest, we’ve accomplished numerous milestones that we’re incredibly proud of. Here are some of the most significant ones:

1. First and foremost, we successfully launched our mainnet, which was an important milestone for us. Additionally, we launched our prosumers platform and held successful airdrop campaigns to establish and grow our social media presence. We also have well-known influencers — ambassadors (especially from the Polish crypto market) on our side.

2. We’ve also made efforts in acquiring both Web2 and Web3 partners, and have rolled out our energy tokenization proof of concept. We’re thrilled to have over 70 validators who have joined our ranks and are proud to have completed the successful COSMOS IBC Integration.

We have already started the staking rewards. Additionally, we’ve held our first DAO and governance proposals and kicked off the Strategic Reserve Delegation Program v1.0.

Not to mention the exciting Blockchain City initiative kick-off in which we are all involved with notable participation of the BMW Foundation!

There are more successes and milestones we have completed, about which I encourage you to check out via our SM channels such as Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/chain4energy, Twitter — https://twitter.com/Chain4Energy or our Medium — https://medium.com/chain4-energy

All in all, we couldn’t be more thrilled with where we are today.

Marwa: Q5. Please tell us about what you want to achieve in this year.

TJK: Sure thing. First of all, let me tell you about our current stage.

Right now we are leading the Private Sale. If you are interested in getting C4E tokens at a good price do not hesitate to reach out to us 😉

You can simply do it by DM’ing me or via the contact form here https://c4e.io/ or by sending an email here: [email protected]. We will be more than just happy to help you out & answer all your queries regarding the Private Sale 😉

Coming back to the question — plenty of big milestones are ahead of us. We will still hold this year the Public Sale of the C4E tokens, and token listing (in Q3, subject to market conditions).

From the product side, we will launch the mobile app beta, EV socket sharing MVP, and of course advance and tighten up our blockchain city cooperation.

Last, but not least we will also complete the airdrop distribution. If you have any questions about any of these developments, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d be more than happy to help and answer any queries you may have. You can simply do it on one of our Social Media channels, e.g. Telegram — https://t.me/Chain4Energy_Official or Discord — https://discord.com/invite/chain4energy

Marwa: Thanks for answering the introduction Questions 👏🤝

Twitter Questions

Question 1: 
From @CeylanJE

The Crypto Market Is Highly Competitive, With New Projects Popping Up Regularly. How Does Chain4Energy Plan To Differentiate Itself From Other Projects And Stand Out To Investors And Users?

That is a very good question. I think our wholesome approach — we are a project using blockchain tech (CosmosSDK based) to solve the modern world energy challenges.

We are not only the energy billing platform for prosumers, energy producers, and consumers, but we are developing the energy trading platform with the addition of features for e-mobility users (energy charging), energy communities (governance and P2P trading), and of course for Web3 users (energy tokenization).

How we provide our solutions is what differentiates us from other projects.

Question 2: 
From @Maverick

Nowadays, Communities Can Bring Interesting Ideas And Excellent Alliances To Projects, How Important Is The Community For Chain4Energy? Can You Tell Us About The Current Partners That Support Chain4Energy Platform With? Would You Be Able To Establish Great Alliances In the Future?

Very important. This is why we have committed ourselves to Governance as being an essential part of our project, we are running the SRDP program for validators, we have run the airdrops and more campaigns dedicated to our fellow community members will come.

Our current partners come both from the Web2 & Web3 industries. Among the most important ones, we could include Keno, Grenton, Unimot, OVOO, Frens, Commercio, Token Ventures, Ari10, Observatory, and many others.

Feel free to find the complete list of our partnerships on our website: https://c4e.io/ and https://c4e.io/blockchain/

Question 3: 
From @Mason6633

Is Your Chain4Energy App Currently In Use? Can We Use It For Mobile And Pc? What Do We Need To Do To Start Using It?

We are developing our app, and we have a ready version for the prosumers. If you are interested in using our app kindly contact us at [email protected].

Question 4: 
From @tuan_iker

A Product Won’t Be Successfully In the Future Without Good Features And Promotion. Could You Provide Some Of The Killer Features Of Chain4Energy That Set It Bigger Than Competitors? Are There Any Hidden Weapons Of Your Product That Will Be Built Up In the Near Future?

Ok, here is a quick overview of our killer features 😉

One blockchain to rule them all — from energy consumers, via prosumers, Web3 users up to the energy producers, we are developing a suite of tools & platforms for energy billing and trading (tokenization) with the use of the core element — C4E tokens.

With the use of our tech and platform, users will be able to save up even up to 80% on their energy bills!!!

Our community & holders of C4E tokens decide about the project’s future via regularly held governance voting & proposals.

Energy tokenization — this is our ultimate goal, to make the energy trading tokenized.

Users receive rewards for helping us secure the network.

And we will have the elements such as the toolkit for EV charging and many more.

Question 5: 
From @HerbertChandl

I Want To Ask About C4E Token. How Does C4E Increase Its Value, Liquidity & Utility? Can It Increase The Price Of Your Token? What’s Your Plan To Make Your Project Stable And Provide The Highest Revenue For Investors From Long Term?

Great question! The value, liquidity, and utility of the #C4E token are primarily driven by its diverse flow of revenue, generated from various Chain4Energy clients, such as electric vehicle (EV) owners, business-to-business (B2B) transactions, and energy communities.

The revenue will come through different channels, including discounts for C4E staking and payments in both C4E and FIAT currencies. When clients pay in FIAT currency, those payments will be swapped and exchanged for C4E tokens. The revenue distribution is divided into several categories: 10% for the Treasury, 30% for liquidity in C4E/Stablecoins pairs, 10% for token burn, and 50% for validators and delegators. The exact share depends on the decisions made by DAO governance.

The C4E token offers various use cases, including energy tracking, a guarantee of origin, document fingerprinting, smart contracts, peer-to-peer trading, energy tokenization, token swap, subscription models, and more. The token is an integral part of the Chain4Energy platform, as it serves as a medium of exchange and drives the platform’s growth.

By following these strategies, we aim to create a stable, sustainable project that provides the highest possible revenue for our investors in the long term.

Community Questions

Question 1: 
Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community? Are we allowed in decision-making, do you put the community into consideration?

Of course you are! This is why we hold regular governance sessions & voting. All you have to do is to stake C4E tokens to be able to participate in the Governance sessions.

Question 2: 
What are Chain4Energy’s plans for now in expanding your project and introducing it to the world of Chain4Energy and How can we get $C4E tokens?

Right now we are running the Private Sale round. Feel free to DM me or fill in the contact form here if you are interested in purchasing our tokens: https://c4e.io/

Regarding our plans — we are starting by being present in European markets and will expand over time to other continents. We focus on delivering our project with top-notch quality while staying to our fundamental values. You can read more about our roadmap here: https://c4e.io/roadmap/

Question 3: 
Staking program is very important for every project? Can I stake your Token? Do you have any plans of starting the staking program?

Of course, you can! To stake you need to purchase our C4E tokens. Kindly contact me via DM or the contact form here: https://c4e.io/ or via email: [email protected]

Question 4: 
Marketing strategy is very important. What are your marketing and promotion plans?

Fully agree with that. Our marketing plans include focusing on the European markets first before going to the other continents. We stress much of our efforts on community growing, growing user base, and acquiring ambassadors who would want to promote our project. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂


At C4E we focus on community power. This is why we invite you to participate in the regularly held AMA Sessions & Twitter Spaces. To stay up to date follow us on Twitter or Telegram.

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