Chain4Energy x ARI10 — Leveraging Blockchain for a Sustainable Energy Future

Chain4Energy is at the forefront of the blockchain revolution in the energy sector. Our mission is to bridge the gap between emerging technologies and the energy industry by leveraging the power of blockchain for digitalization, decentralization, and decarbonization.

We have made significant strides in fulfilling our mission, as demonstrataed by our partnership with Blockchain City in Minsk Mazowiecki where ARI10 was part of the program. In this collaboration, we are entrusted with the responsibility to provide the local government with state-of-the-art energy solutions using blockchain. Within the program, we introduced an EV socket sharing to the local community where the energy is exchanged with the use of the C4E tokens.

The Ari10 Gateway x Chain4Energy

As part of our collaboration with Ari10, we will be conducting a pre-sale of our C4E tokens through Ari10’s Gateway. This intuitive platform allows potential investors to purchase C4E tokens using fiat currencies, making the investment process straightforward.

Importantly, the Ari10 Gateway’s unique features align seamlessly with our vision. It enables us to sell tokens directly for fiat currencies, providing investors with multiple payment options, including bank cards and transfers. This inclusive approach ensures that the investment process is as simple as online shopping. Nevertheless, our public sale will also have an option of paying with stablecoins on different networks.

In a show of commitment to our partnership, we will also conduct an airdrop of C4E for ARI10 stakers as per the agreement.

The Journey Ahead

With our fundraising initiative, we look forward to welcoming investors who share our vision for a sustainable energy future powered by blockchain. Through our collaboration with Ari10 and the use of its innovative Gateway, we strive to democratize the investment process, making it accessible for both crypto enthusiasts and traditional investors alike.

Our partnership with Ari10 marks an important chapter in our journey. As we continue to leverage blockchain to transform the energy landscape, we are confident that the support of our investors and partners will play a pivotal role in achieving our mission.

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