First Month of C4E Incentivised Testnet Campaign. Check your results!

Chain4Energy (C4E) has successfully completed the first month of its incentivized Testnet Zealy campaign, an innovative approach designed to foster engagement and bolster network security. Community members are rewarded for participating in testnet and marketing tasks, receiving C4E tokens as a result of their contributions. These tokens can be checked and managed via the dedicated tool on the C4E platform.

The campaign comes as part of a series of initiatives including Energy Drops, Stake Drops, Santa Drops, and now the incentivized Testnet & other campaigns on Zealy. These series forms a strategic approach to engaging the community and building robust security mechanisms within the blockchain ecosystem.

Checking Token Eligibility

Community members interested in viewing their token rewards can visit https://wallet.c4e.io/airdrop to check their eligibility. This process involves connecting your Cosmos wallet — the same wallet you have been using for the competition — to the platform. Once connected, you’ll be able to see the amount of C4E tokens you’re entitled to.

Chain4Energy emphasizes maintaining the highest standards of integrity and fair play. As such, any participants involved in fraudulent or cheating activities during the tasks can be disqualified.

Didn’t find your C4E Zealy campaign tokens?

Contact us on telegram — in few cases the wallet hasn’t been properly provided so it was impossible to show the rewards.

Airdrop Distribution & Lock-up Period

The airdrop will become available to claim in Q3 2023, following which there will be a 6-month lock-up period. After this, the claimed tokens will undergo a 3-month linear vesting period.

During this lock-up and vesting period, participants can delegate or stake their C4E tokens to their chosen validators at competitive rates. This serves the dual purpose of potentially generating staking rewards, derived from inflation and transaction fees, while also enhancing the security of the blockchain.

Future Plans & Communication

We encourage all community members to stay informed about our latest news by following our social media channels. As we navigate the future of C4E, we’re thrilled to have a dedicated community on board for the journey and want to continue the Testnet campaign with new tasks.

The Zealy campaigns and incentivized Testnet underscore C4E’s commitment to community engagement, network security, and overall platform development. These initiatives reflect the team’s belief that an engaged, active community is instrumental in shaping the future of blockchain technology and its applications in the energy sector.

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