The voting for C4E Proposal #4 has ended!

Another proposal for the C4E network has been passed. Let’s learn more about it!

We have successfully passed a new proposal to introduce wallet support for the Cosmostation, introducing a cessation mechanism to vested accounts and extending Founders tokens lockups by one year.

The proposal passed with an astounding voting turnout of ~95% with 100% votes for YES!

Thank you very much for trusting in our actions and vision.

Of the most important changes, we have introduced wallet support for the Cosmostation. The team wanted to show full commitment to the project and decided to extend Founders tokens lockups by one year.

What has the proposal changed?

To sum up, the following blockchain features have been rolled out:

  • Upgraded to Cosmos SDK v0.46.10
  • Extended the Founders tokens lockup by one year. Tokens will be locked and vested over 4 years.
  • Vesting pools and accounts migration have been prepared for the VC, private and public sales. The previous Validators Vesting Pool of 80M C4E tokens is divided into different pools tailored to investor profiles. The length of the lockup/vesting and the number of released tokens will depend on the size of the investment.
  • Introduction of cession mechanism to vested account. Giving the possibility to transfer all or part of the tokens to another vesting account. While maintaining the original lockup and vesting. This feature will be used to hand over 40M of C4E tokens from the original Strategic Reserve pool to separate accounts for the SRDP purpose (subjective and objective).
  • An extensive testing campaign will be introduced including the following tests:
  • Functional tests
  • Performance tests
  • Stability tests
  • End2End (manual and automatic)
  • Various bug fixes rolled out


In conclusion, we are committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability and success of the project, and this proposal is another step in the right direction.

The extension of Founders’ token lockups will build up community trust and encourage more people to get involved in the project. With the vesting pools and accounts migration we are ready for the VC, private and public sales.

About Chain4Energy

Chain4Energy utilizes blockchain technology to create a transparent, secure and distributed platform for the energy industry. Chain4Energy’s goal is to democratize energy markets allowing people to participate directly in the energy market and accelerate the transition towards Net Zero. Chain4Energy’s products enable producers, consumers and energy market participants to track, manage and trade energy, increasing access and lowering energy costs. Using the blockchain-based SaaS platform participants can reduce energy costs by up to 83%.

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