What is Chain4Energy? Introducing disruptive products for the green market

Blockchain by many is wrongly considered a technology that does not have anything in common with green energy. In fact, it’s the opposite — due to the properties of blockchain technology Chain4Energy project will be directly responsive to limiting the CO2 emissions. This goal will be achieved by strengthening the green market energy with disruptive innovation and supporting green solutions with C4E platform products (more about that below). We want to merge together the renewable energy market while expanding it.

Blockchain and Chain4Energy

Blockchain and green energy go hand-in-hand. Not only can blockchain help to increase the efficiency of energy production and distribution, but it can also enable new business models that are more sustainable.

Chain4Energy’s way of using blockchain tech is about some of the most useful properties of decentralized ledger technology, like finality and transparency. The transparency will bring better green energy life cycle tracking for the B2B clients, energy producers, and prosumers. Finality and blockchain transaction security, on the other hand, are going to bring trust among the energy market participants — it will be additionally reinforced by the expertise of the Chain4Energy team and the products offered by the company to bring clarity to the complex energy market.

The token design and tokenomics (we stand with $ATOM!) are allowing us to introduce the new economic models and incentives for the market participants.

More use-cases

After an above-mentioned introduction to the ways that blockchain can help within the green energy industry we would like to list some real-life examples of products Chain4Energy offers. As a company that connects the interest of the three main groups: B2B clients, energy producers, and prosumers while supporting the token HODLers we need working products.

The business parts of the Chain4Enery ecosystem are:

  • • CRM
  • • Billing & Invoicing
  • • Energy Marketplace
  • • Data & Analytics
  • • B2B & B2C
  • • Electromobility management

We will talk about each one of these products in the dedicated articles.


Blockchain is the future — also of the green energy. As a company with transparency and efficiency at heart, we are developing products for energy management — we are a team of experts in digital transformations and software developers who have worked with the biggest names in the energy market.

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