Chain4Energy partners with BMW foundation and Blockchain City for the decentralized energy sharing

The Blockchain City project in Mińsk Mazowiecki has been chosen by the BMW Foundation for its RISE Cities program.

This program is part of the foundation’s mission to inspire responsible leadership and achieve the United Nations 2030 Agenda. The project aims to create a “Living Lab of Blockchain Technology” in the city, bringing together innovative projects like Chain4Energy, to work on practical blockchain applications at the local government level.

Within the program we will introduce a revolutionary use case EV socket sharing to the local community where the energy is exchange with the use of the C4E tokens.

Our Collaboration

Chain4Energy is proud to have been invited to join this esteemed group of companies and experts in the industry. Our company has a strong presence in the blockchain and crypto market since 2021, and this recognition from the BMW Foundation further strengthens our brand.

The Blockchain City project’s mission is to promote new technologies and practical applications of blockchain primarily in cities, with the active participation of citizens, to improve their quality of life. The project focuses on developing digital skills in the areas of IoT, blockchain, and applications, as well as providing practical examples and solutions using blockchain technology within cities.

What is BMW Foundation and RISE?

The BMW Foundation operates based on three values: inspiring leaders, connecting leaders, and investing in the future. Through the RISE Cities program, they support economic and financial system transformation within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with the aim of achieving a balance of economy, society, and environment.

The inaugural online meeting took place on January 17th, where Chain4Energy and other companies, leaders, and projects from Poland discussed blockchain and its possibilities in the region. C4E actively participated in this meeting, and work has begun on advancing further the project.

Who is onboard with us?

The partners of the Blockchain City project include Ari10, Billon&Qkpay, PFRPolish Blockchain Association, as well as main local partners — Powiat Miński and ZSZ nr 2 im. Powstańców Warszawy.


This is the first project of its kind in Poland and Europe, and we are excited to work together to promote and share knowledge about blockchain technology in the region.

About Chain4Energy

Chain4Energy utilizes blockchain technology to create a transparent, secure and distributed platform for the energy industry. Chain4Energy’s goal is to democratize energy markets allowing people to participate directly in the energy market and accelerate the transition towards Net Zero. Chain4Energy’s products enable producers, consumers and energy market participants to track, manage and trade energy, increasing access and lowering energy costs. Using the blockchain-based SaaS platform participants can reduce energy costs by up to 83%.

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