Highlights from NBX in Warsaw: A Vibrant Gathering of Founders, Investors, and the Web3 Community

Chain4Energy recently had the privilege of participating as a gold sponsor at the NBX event in Warsaw on May 24–25, 2023. The event brought together an exciting mix of industry pioneers, investors, and the thriving web3 community. As an innovative blockchain platform revolutionizing the energy sector, we were thrilled to connect with like-minded individuals and showcase our vision for a decentralized and sustainable future. Let’s delve into the memorable moments and insightful discussions that took place during this remarkable event.

Dominik Skrobacz’s Speech

Our CEO, Dominik Skrobacz, took the stage to deliver an engaging speech on the synergies between blockchain technology and the energy industry. He emphasized how blockchain’s immutability, transparency, and decentralized nature can reshape traditional energy systems and unlock new possibilities for individuals and businesses. The audience was captivated by Dominik’s vision for democratizing energy markets and accelerating the transition towards a sustainable, Net Zero economy.

Workshop on Scaling & Infrastructure

In another thought-provoking session, our CIO, Greg Sikora, alongside Encyclopedia Krypowalut’s team, conducted a workshop focused on the topic of “Scaling & Infrastructure.” Attendees had the opportunity to dive deep into the fascinating subject of the “Internet of Blockchains: Is it a buzzword or the future?” This workshop explored the potential of interconnected blockchains, examining their scalability, interoperability, and impact on various industries, including the energy sector. Participants left with a better understanding of the transformative power of blockchain technology.

Networking and Partnerships

At Chain4Energy’s well-positioned stand, we had the pleasure of engaging in meaningful conversations with a wide range of partners, investors, and fellow industry enthusiasts. We extend our gratitude to ARI10 company officials, among other partners, for their valuable insights and their dedication to advancing blockchain-based solutions in the crypto-fiat gateway space. These connections and collaborations are instrumental in propelling our mission forward and fostering a more inclusive and sustainable energy ecosystem.


NBX was an event brimming with enthusiasm, knowledge-sharing, and networking opportunities. As a gold sponsor, Chain4Energy had a prominent presence, leaving a lasting impression on attendees with our innovative approach to blockchain and energy solutions. We are grateful for the chance to connect with founders, investors, and the vibrant web3 community. Their passion and support only strengthen our resolve to revolutionize the energy industry and contribute to a greener and more decentralized future. Big thank you to all that made it to our stand and made meaning full conversations with us.

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