Chain4Energy 2022 summary

2022 was a very intense year both in the crypto and energy markets. We have witnessed multiple changes in the market trends — traders and investors kept looking for the solutions & projects with strong fundamentals as opposed to the speculative 2021.

We could also see how vital is electric grid decentralisation — the continuous grid operability ensures the stability of electricity trading between all network participants — prosumers, consumers & energy producers.

All of these trends showed us how the solution provided by Chain4Energy is indeed important — the disruption of energy markets that will come from lower and competitive prices, decentralization and reliability.

So what did we achieve in 2022? Let’s get into it!

Strategic partnerships with Keno and many other projects

Keno is one of the biggest photovoltaics producers and distributors in Central Europe with a turnover of over 378 000 000 EUR in 2021 — the company decided to become a C4E validator and strategic partner.

At the same time, we have announced lots of partnerships with the crypto projects such as Token Ventures, CryptoCrew or Commercio Network or many others!

Cosmoverse at Medellín

It was definitely a highlight of the year — we had our own Chain4Enegy booth, and our team members delivered speeches in Medellín’s venue. The speech by Dominik (CEO)) was about the challenges that today’s energy market faces — like energy poverty, network distribution inefficiencies and growing energy demand.

We’ve met hundreds of investors, Cosmos influencers, business owners and legislators — it was worth it!

Whitepaper is ready

It has been a long way and really hard work to describe all the details of the Chain4Energy business and technology — we did it anyway! There is not so much to talk about here — if you have not read it so far you can check the C4E Whitepaper here.

Community building

There are more than 20.000 of us on Twitter not even counting other social media like Telegram or LinkedIn. It all has been achieved within the last 6 months — even during the current market conditions!

Thanks for being with us and we hope to disrupt the energy market with your help. Every time we start new C4E Twitter Spaces topic more people are present and we are very happy to have you all onboard.


We took a lot of consideration in creating the airdrops that will help to make the ecosystem more vibrant and spread the word around the whole crypto community. The first airdrop competition aimed at spreading knowledge about the C4E ecosystem. The Prize Pool was 1.000.000 C4E tokens and what is best — all the participants who completed the tasks are eligible for the drops.

The second one is called Stake Drop and is eligible for all the $ATOM stakeholders who have been staking at least 50 $ATOM tokens and a maximum of 10000 $ATOM tokens — they are all eligible for receiving the airdrop.

C4E testnet & Mainnet launch — 75 active validators

Throughout the year we have managed to run a testnet and most recently C4E mainnet! What is even more amazing is that we already have 75 active validators which means the work on introducing inflation to the project has begun.

Big thanks to all the validators joining the network and remember guys — there is still time to become a Premium Validator and disrupt the energy market with us!

If you want to become a Premium Validator — just feel free to contact us via the contact form here: https://c4e.io/validators/


2022 has been a truly amazing and crucial year to Chain4Energy. With strong fundamentals that we have been able to lay down, as a strong, innovative SaaS Crypto Energy Business we are ahead of others in the mission of solving the modern energy world issues with the use of blockchain tech and changing our world into a better place.

We are all looking forward to what 2023 brings! The great journey has just begun.

Want to know more about our future goals? Feel free to check out our roadmap:


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