Proposal #1 — Chain4Energy v1.1.0 upgrade

New Proposal at C4E network has been passed. Let’s talk about the details!

Cosmos ecosystem is a decentralized network of independent, scalable, and interoperable blockchains. It is designed to provide a secure and flexible platform for developers to build and deploy their decentralized applications.

Chain4Energy’s team after successfully onboarding a sufficient set of validators (75 active and 10+ in the queue) prepared the first governance proposal about the software upgrade.

This proposal passed with tremendous turnout ~94% with 100% for YES.

The upgrade approved by the proposal brought several updates, including improvements to the token distribution, minting, vesting, and performance testing. Let’s take a look at the changes introduced by the new proposal!

What has the proposal changed?

Token Distribution — the token distribution was available in the initial version of the mainnet however it has been revised. The list of configured sub distributors and a new params structure have been introduced. The state structure has also been updated and extended validation added. Additionally, there are also new emit events types to improve the overall experience of the network.

Minting — an updated minting (inflation) version has been introduced, with a revised params structure. The proposal included two new minting types: Linear Minting and Exponential Step Minting. The state structure is updated, and extended validation has been added. Additionally, new emit events types have been introduced to improve the overall experience of the network.

Vesting — The vesting pool params have been changed, and extended validation has been added. New emit events types have been introduced, and the vesting type has been revised to include a percentage of tokens that are released initially.

Simulation Tests — The number of tests simulating different real live scenarios were performed.

Performance and stability Tests — The new software has been tested heavily under performance and stability tests to ensure its smooth operation.

Other — The rest API versioning has also been updated as part of the proposal, improving its overall functionality and user experience.

Web wallet — new version of web wallet with number of bug fixes and improvements from the UX point of view.


In conclusion, the new proposal brings several significant changes to the Chain4Energy network, including updates to token distribution, minting, vesting, and performance testing.

These changes are designed to improve the overall experience of the network and provide more value to its users — especially the energy market participants. Thank you for your votes and we are looking forward to onboarding more token holders who would like to be a part of the network and the C4E DAO.

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