Chain4Energy at Staking Summit

The Staking Summit one of the most important events during the Lisbon Blockchain Week allowed hundreds of participants on-site and many online attendees to experience the rapid development of crypto assets, validation and especially the DeFi aspects of the market. The unique thing about the conference was bringing together validators from different networks such as Cosmos, Near, Polkadot and ETH.

The conference topics

The topics of the conference varied between many brilliant ideas being shared and discussed like: Regulation for Validators in the US vs EU or How to make staking ready for institutional adoption? We truly had a blast hearing well-prepared content from the crypto market leaders.

We enjoyed a lot the LuganNodes CEO lecture about becoming the fastest-growing staking provider.

There were over 30 on-site presentations, panel discussions, and startup pitches. We have met a lot of executives, founders, investors, and representatives of government institutions — the industry is still strong even though the bear market is present.

Chain4Energy related topics

We were delighted to hear that a chunk of discussions conducted at the conference was about rebuilding an energy infrastructure in Ukraine and a role that the energy communities and co-ops can take during this process.

Additionally, we have met many entities and individuals with whom we had a chance to talk about becoming a C4E validator — for example, Validatrium liked the Chain4Energy project so much that have decided to strengthen C4E network the same day.

Stay tuned for more info about the partners and validators we have met during a conference!

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