C4E is the native token of the Chain4Energy network – the permissionless, open-source layer-1 blockchain built to secure a decentralized Energy Market.

Chain4Energy is an open network, users have to pay a transaction fee in C4E when using the network. C4E also serves an important purpose in the proof-of-stake mechanism, by incentivizing good behavior and punishing actions that threaten the network’s security, availability, and user experience.

C4E token utility

The C4E Token is the backbone of the Chain4Energy platform, operating in its own Cosmos SDK-based and IBC-compatible chain. Its utilities include:

Transaction fees

C4E is the native token of the Chain4Energy blockchain. Each transaction requires this token to be executed to pay for gas. The transaction fee is distributed among validators and delegators securing the network. Similarly to ETH (EIP-1559 mechanism), part of the transaction fees are burnt.


Staking is required to secure a network. People who decide to delegate tokens to validator nodes are rewarded in two ways: Staking reward which comes from the inflation and transaction fee.


Validators and delegators have the right to take part in Governance, which empowers the C4E community to make important decisions about the future direction of the platform. Recent proposals have garnered an impressive 90% participation rate, demonstrating the strong engagement and commitment of the community!

Product discount

On top of all benefits, users can have product discounts! Everyone who decides to lock C4E tokens in the vault for the contract duration can count on significant discounts. A contract in that energy market can last up to 5 years.

Access to service

Giving access to products that would not be available to entities without a token, offered by Chain4Energy and other partners launching their products on the C4E platform. Even, if the user is using the FIAT on-ramp, the platform itself is swapping to C4E to give access to products.

Token Flow

Our Token will have a diverse flow of revenue
coming from Chain4Energy clients such as
electric vehicle (EV) owners, business-to-business
(B2B) transactions, and energy communities.
The revenue will come through various
channels, even with consideration of discounts
for C4E staking and payments in both
C4E and FIAT currencies. FIAT currency
payments to Chain4Energy are going to be
swapped and exchanged for C4E tokens

The distribution of revenue will be divided into
several categories, including 10% for the
Treasury, 30% for liquidity in C4E/Stablecoins
pairs, 10% for token burn, and 50% for validators 
and delegators.

The revenue generated from these sources
will be distributed as per the above distribution
model. This approach will help ensure the
long-term sustainability of the C4E platform
and incentivize its community to participate in
the network’s growth.

Token Sales

C4E’s token sale will mark a significant milestone in the project’s development, with an initial market cap below $1.3 million.

The listing price is expected to be set at $0.09 per token, and the public listing will take place at the end of Q3 2023¹.

This will provide an opportunity for investors and users to participate in the growth phase of the  platformand its ecosystem, as well as provide greater visibility and access to C4E’s services.

1. The public listing date strictly depends on the current market condition. The team reserves rights to update it if necessary

Token Key Metrics

0 M C4E
Genesis Supply
0 M/year
0 M
Initial Circulating Supply
0 years

Token Key Metrics

0 M C4E
Genesis Supply
0 M/year
0 years
0 M
Initial Circulating Supply

  • Pre-seed 7.1%
  • Validator Round 7.6%
  • VC Round 3.6%
  • Early-bird Round 1.9%
  • Public Round 2.2%
  • Liquidity Incentive 2.4%
  • Advisors 3.6%
  • Founders 6%
  • Fairdrop 3.8%
  • Strategic Reserve 38%
  • Community Pool 23.8%

Vesting & token distribution after 12 years


Vesting & token distribution after 12 years

  • Pre-seed 4.5%
  • VC Round 3.9%
  • Advisors 2.2%
  • Liquidity Incentive 1.5%
  • Founders 3.8%
  • Fairdrop 3%
  • Strategic Reserve 24%
  • Community Pool 15%
  • Ecosystem Incentive 12.7%
  • Staking rewards 29.4%