Strategic Reserve Delegation Qualifications

At the heart of our project lies the belief that a decentralized network is a secure network. We understand the importance of incentivizing validators to contribute to the development of our, C4E ecosystem.
That is why we have introduced the Strategic Reserve Delegation Program (SRDP) — a program designed to make Chain4Energy (C4E) network less prone to attacks and network halts.

Delegation program

Under SRDP, we will allocatedallocate 54,000,000 C4E from the Strategic Reserve Pool, split into four categories: Eligibility, Early supporter, Objective, and Subjective.


The Eligibility, Subjective, and Early supporter categories will be evaluated and assigned manually by the core team. In contrast, objective criteria will be automatically assessed based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are tracked and evaluated on a monthly basis.

The Subjective category includes parameters that cannot be evaluated on-chain, so the core 


team will score them individually on a quarterly basis.
The detailed specification of the Strategic Reserve Delegation Program v1.0 can be found on the C4E network’s website.


The program has been designed to encourage validators to contribute to the development of the C4E ecosystem and reward them for achieving high KPIs.


Early supporters who joined the network at the very beginning will also be rewarded with an additional delegation, as long as the validator is eligible for the SRDP.


The qualifications for the first round in Q2 SRDP have just begun. Validators involved with the project can submit their applications by 15.03.


The information on how to submit the application is available on channels dedicated to Validators.


The C4E Team will review all the applications and by 01.04 the first round of SRDP will officially begin.


The introduction of the Strategic Reserve Delegation Program v1.0 is a significant step towards making the C4E network more decentralized and secure while engaging the integral and important part of the project’s community — Validators.

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