What are the main services of C4E?
Marketplace Functionalities
Customer & energy acquisition
  • Retail & B2B support
  • Digital agreements
  • CRM support
  • Automated energy invoicing and billing
  • Integration with the exchange & local distributors
  • Sales reports
  • Guarantee of origin in hourly settlement
  • Guarantee of origin
  • Multi-level permissions
  • Templates for price lists, offers, contracts
  • B2C and B2B support Automation of the TPA vendor switching processes
  • Accounting for energy purchases and sales
Smart grid components
  • Energy trading
  • Energy tokenization
  • VPP – Energy Aggregation
  • Electromobility
  • Assessing prosumers and energy community
  • Micro grid – DAO/microgrid governance, invoicing, billing, crowdfunding, P2P energy trading
  • Integration with energy storage facilities
  • P2P (OTC exchange)
  • Platform for energy exchange between SOE and B2B
  • B and C tariffs
  • SPOT and Futures transactions
  • Price formula: exchange index, balancing market price, fixed price
  • Intervention purchases
Security & decentralization
  • Utility token
  • Governance (DAO) — allows influencing roadmap and solution development
  • Compliance — fulfilling GDPR requirements
  • Wallet & Explorer
  • Decentralized Storage
  • Energy DEX – Decentralized Exchange for energy participants
  • Renewable Energy Certificates
  • Immutability
  • Decentralization
  • Fingerprint and eSignature
  • Decentralized Identities (DIDs)
C4E Token

The Chain4Energy ecosystem uses blockchain technology to tokenize transfers and relations. The C4E token is a basic element of the whole ecosystem and is used to settle payments, commissions, and bonuses for generating green energy.

The C4E token is operating on the Cosmos chain and keeps using the gas mechanism to calculate transaction fees.

Token use-cases include

  • Transactions fees – C4E token is required to perform transactions on the blockchain.
  • Staking – provides security of the Chain4Energy network
  • LP Farming – incentives for liquidity provided at selected DEXes.
  • Rewards – for production, storage, and usage of renewable energy. The reward mechanism will depend on the stage of the project. At the initial stage where the main goal is expansion, we will be encouraged to invite new users/members.
  • Access to services – giving access to services that would not be available to entities without a token, offered by Chain4Energy labs and other partners launching their solutions on the Chain4Energy platform
Dla Walidatorów / DOKUMENTACJA


Genesis token supply 400,000,000
TGE token price $0.10
Initial circulating MC $1,510,000
Fully diluted MC at TGE $40,000,000
Limited Supply Tokenomics

Learn more from the Whitepaper

  • C4E token being the central mechanism of the C4E Energy Marketplace.
  • Access to service. More B2B partners = more tokens removed from current circulation.
  • Deflationary mechanism through transaction fee burn (EIP-1559 like).
  • Buyback to provide liquidity. A significant part of the service fee will be used to buy back tokens to provide liquidity.
Platform Mechanics

The C4E platform is built on the basis of 3 layers, thanks to which it is possible to:

  • provide security for customers’ transactions and energy transfer,
  • implement ENERGY ACQUISITION & BILLING AUTOMATION for the entire,
  • renewable energy market,
  • gain full set of smart grid components

Therefore, we have three layers:



The Blockchain network is a foundation on which the Chain4Energy ecosystem is based. Blockchain removes delays, gets the right information to the right place, and eliminates the possibility of fraud and manipulation. It also enables P2P energy trading (without intermediaries), and thus effectively, between energy market participants.

Blockchain security and decentralization

The blockchain on which C4E is built uses Delegated Proof of Stake, thus giving everyone a chance to secure and influence the development of the ecosystem through DAO – Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

In return, users are rewarded with C4E tokens as a staking reward.

Decentralized Apps (dApps)

Chain4Energy decided to build a number of dApps that are necessary for the operation of the “Layer2” and “Layer3” layers.



The C4E has created a comprehensive and unique solution containing the mechanisms of flexible CRM, sales, and billing automation, including:

  • invoicing related to automation and data analysis
  • integrated with global energy exchanges
  • automatic data collection from energy distributors
  • forecasting energy production and consumption


The Smart Grid Components layer is the most important of the entire Chain4Energy system.

It provides unique products that define modern business models for all participants of the distributed energy market:

  • Energy trading
  • Energy tokenization
  • Energy transfers
  • VPP – Energy Aggregation & Balancing
  • Assessing prosumers and energy community
  • Micro grid – DAO/microgrid governance, invoicing, billing, crowdfunding, P2P energy trading.
  • Integration with energy storage facilities
  • Tools for fighting energy Poverty
  • Electromobility

Learn more from the Whitepaper