What are our challenges and solutions?
Network inefficiencies

Lack of proper energy transmissions causes ineffective usage of Green Energy. C4E provides tools, which allow monitoring and balancing the energy distribution

Unevenly distributed energy production

The rise of the prosumers’ energy generation from renewable sources causes a lack of proper distribution and incentives for Green Energy production. This is why energy should be distributed in the local energy markets (LEM).

Lack of Grid stability

It is a major issue for the Green Energy industry. The current grids can cause instability and blackouts. With blockchain solutions, the instability is significantly reduced or totally removed.

Energy Poverty

Preventing energy poverty around the world can be done by optimizing energy usage. C4E solves that by providing advanced energy use cases, for instance: energy trading, aggregation, or balancing.

Growing Energy Demand

In the modern world growing energy demand often exceeds the generating capabilities. C4E aims not only to balance but also to effectively cover up the growing energy demand.

Check our strategic business goals!
Providing a global green energy management system
Stabilizing Energy Outputs in the network
Enabling Energy Trading & Aggregation
Providing Security based on blockchain
Standardizing the energy invoices and billings
Meeting energy demand with Energy Smart Grid
Tokenizing the Green Energy
Providing a global green energy management system
Who are our ecosystem participants?
Business participants
  • Energy suppliers – Validators
  • Green Energy Producers
  • Virtual
  • Collective Prosumers
  • Green energy consumers
  • Electric Cars Users
  • microgrid
  • adhoc PPA
C4E community
  • C4E individual blockchain users
  • energy community
What is a C4E marketplace?

The C4E is global Green Energy marketplace. We provide Green Energy trading solutions for all distributed energy market participants.

The whole marketplace operates within the Smart Grid Components layer, which is the most important of the entire system.

Thanks to the implemented products of Layer 3, the necessary mechanisms handle advanced energy use cases such as:

  • – energy trading
  • – aggregation
  • – energy balancing
  • – tokenization

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