New validator of the Chain4Energy network —



A big shoutout to for making the C4E blockchain chain more secure and ready to disrupt the energy market. It is a pleasure to cooperate together and we are looking forward to the next step in our cooperation. So what exactly Commercio is all about?


The project is a third-generation Cøsmos blockchain that helps to solve some of the most complex #RealFi real-world asset tokenization problems. The 90+ network of companies works as “The Documents Blockchain” which allows anyone to create pan-European legally binding contracts, by implementing the technical aspect of the eIDAS directive.

eIDAS is a 2014 European directive that allows all EU member states to exchange legally binding electronic contracts. Commercio’s 3 pillars are electronic identities, electronic signatures and electronic certified exchange of any documents among its participants.

“Once we solved the legally binding problem, the next step for us is to enable NFT minting to allow the transfer of asset ownership contracts to the bearer of the token” explains Enrico Talin , president and co-founder

The blockchain problems solved by are:

  • Issuing and Exchanging any Fungible and NFT token
  • Creating and managing Self Sovereign Identities SSI
  • Electronically Signing any PDF e XML documents
  • Notarizing documents exchanged among parties
  • Managing KYC Anti Money Laundering Directive
  • Requesting Certified SEPA Payments

“It’s great to have on board as a validator, but this is just the beginning! We discussed many topics to further strengthen the relationship with our chain, like mesh security, RealFi Alliance formation, and using commercio tech cross-chain” explains Greg Sikora, CIO and co-founder of